Monday, August 13, 2012

It begins!

I went to school this morning and got my three questions--they're daunting, but they're good questions.  I've now got six weeks to write an essay in response to each of the three questions.  Then, my committee has two weeks to read and review them, and I defend them on Monday, October 13, at 10:00am (I had to schedule the time and place before I could get my questions!).  So it begins...


  1. wow, our exam formats are so different! I came back to your blog to see if you'd taken your exam yet and wish you luck. I take a 3-hour oral exam on Wed, and then get my written question on Friday and have 72 hours to write 25 pages on it. GOOD LUCK on your written & defense. I've really enjoyed reading your notes. Your project sounds so interesting.

    1. Hey, good luck to you too! I have two friends defending their prospectuses on Wednesday. It's the time of the season, apparently. When I did my master's, I took a 4-hour written exam, followed two weeks later by an hour-long oral exam. And the phd students there have three exams, each of which last a weekend (they get a question on Friday and turn in their essay on Monday).

      And thank you!